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Here's what Stephen Church has said

"Investment rental property has been in our portfolio for over thirty years. After our move to New Zealand in 1999 we began to accumulate residential property and searched for a knowledgeable property manager. Most of those we tried proved mediocre at best. The field consisted of a few franchises that hired young adults who were overworked, underpaid and had little incentive to learn property law. There were also services associated with the local real estate agents whose primary focus was obtaining new listings. Their property management businesses existed solely to support their more lucrative activities.

Luckily, a friend recommended we speak with Philippa Walsh from Ace Body Corporate & Property Management. I am pleased we found someone so committed to providing a quality service. Philippa understands that her business income is tied to the owner’s cash flow and she proactively makes every effort to keep vacancy down and maximize the income with periodic rent reviews supported by market research. We were also pleased she understood the Residential Tenant Act, Unit Titles Act, and had plenty of experience dealing with the judicial system.  Our payments and monthly statements are always produced on time and her database is open to inspect our property online 24/7 – very convenient.

After many less fulfilling experiences with property managers we are unreserved about recommending Ace. The fees are competitive and fair given her knowledge and experience. Most importantly, Philippa understands the limits of each property manager and knows that if overloaded, each property in the portfolio may suffer. We were pleased to see she maintains a ratio that allows each manager to give our property the attention it deserves. If you own rental property, give Philippa a call. As with other Ace clients we have spoken to, you will be pleased to experience how property management should work; effective and worry-free." 


Respectfully Submitted,

Stephen Church on behalf of;
The Church Family Trust
Tatum Apartments Ltd.
Creative Island Ltd.

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