Ace Body Corporate & Property Management

Here's what James & Jean O'Hagen have said

"We are very pleased with all the work you and your staff have done on our behalf, and that you have obtained results far ahead of our expectations.

You have performed the job of rectifying the problems brought about by the 'couldn't care less' attitude and incompetence of our Real Estate Agent. The property basically managed itself except for the receipt of rentals and commissions.

We know that if we had not changed the management of our property when we did, we would have had a lot of unanswerable questions and would not have been able to resolve the continuing knowledge that we had been ripped off.

You have been able to prove the legality or otherwise of what was done to us, and we hope that others will not have to suffer as we have done with such a loss of Asset value. For the management of rental properties, we would recommend yourselves [sic] whole heartedly. Many thanks for all your good work."

James & Jean O'Hagen

Philippa's note: In James & Jeans case the real estate property management company had not collected rent on one of their 4 properties for 5 months and ignored the countless questions they had asked while overseas. That is not forgetting the waterfall (rats had eaten the pipes) that had been in one of the bedrooms of one of their properties for approximately 6 months.




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