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Here's what a few of our clients have said...

"...Investment rental property has been in our portfolio for over thirty years...
...Philippa understands that her business income is tied to the owner's cash flow and she proactively makes every effort to keep vacancy down and maximize the income with periodic rent reviews supported by market research. We were also please dealing with the judicial system. Our payments and monthly statements are always produced on time and her database is open to inspect our property online 24/7 - very convenient.
After many less fulfilling experiences with property managers we are unreserved about recommending Ace...
Stephen Church on behalf of;
The Church Family Trust
Tatum Apartments Ltd.,
Creative Island Ltd.

"I want you to know how grateful I have been for your support. You have, without doubt been the best property manager by far."
Julie Mair

"Just a note to thank you for all the hard work you have done regarding the flood at 46 Vogel Crescent. You have done a great job and it has been a real weight off our minds to know that you had everything under control! Thanks again."
Sally & Eden

"...In a personal capacity I was managing a family property and I had the tenant from hell. He and his mother came to view the property and I was given the typical hard luck story that I fell for, long story short, rent wasn't getting paid, dogs were living in the property which had a very grubby and run down look to it and I was starting to receive abusive phone calls from both mother and son, apparently it was my fault things weren't working out. I had been in touch with the tenancy tribunal and was facing drawn out process to evict this charmer when Philippa stepped in and calmly had the tenant packed and removed without fuss or bother..." MORE
Gina Collings, Sales & Marketing Consultant, Harcourts Hamill Realty MREINZ

"...It is her commitment to professional standards, and her relentless pursuit of devious and dilatory tenants, that has restored my faith in the property business." MORE
Jennifer Thomas
Writer & Researcher

"...You have performed the job of rectifying the problems brought about by the 'couldn't care les' attitude and incompetence of our Real Estate Agent...
...We know that if we had not changed the management of our property when we did, we would have had a lot of unanswerable questions and would not have been able to resolve the continuing knowledge that we had been ripped off...
James & Jean O'Hagan

"Marlborough's top wines for a 'Top' Property manager - Your expertise and consistency in service are truly appreciated"
Sherryn & Rex

"...It has been a very positive experience and we would certainly recommend your company to any current or future Landlords..." MORE
John & Heather Hansen

"I would like to thank you for all your efforts in finding tenants and looking out for my property for the last 2 and a half years.
I've enjoyed your honest approach and detail correspondence whenever I have needed to contact you or vice versa...
Steve Anslow

"That is fantastic; these outcomes give reason to having professionals looking after rental properties. I am very grateful, thanks to you and your team, I am extremely happy that M did not get away with this (I assume she thought she would) I hate how people think they can get a free ride. It happens too often these days. Many thanks."

"...I am most impressed with the new on-line service..." MORE
Cheryl Dewson Chapman

"...We have found Philippa to be both professional and honest in her dealings with the tenants...
...We know that Philippa takes pride in her work and we are more than happy to have Philippa continue to look after our property in our absence...
John & Yvonne Burcher

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