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We will ease the work load for the body corporate committee, so you can spend more time enjoying life. You can go on holiday and relax of a weekend, knowing that we are in charge.
Spend more time enjoying life with your friends and family.

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How are things working out for you right now?

1.  Is working with your manager stress free?

2.  Does your manager respond quickly to your requests?

3.  Is your manager reliable?

4.  Are you getting the support you need?

5.  Is the work being carried out quickly and efficiently at a good price?

We guarantee that we will ease the work load for the body corporate committee, so you can spend more time enjoying life.

You will experience:

1.  Quick response to your emails and phone calls.

2.   Wise management of your building at a good price.

3.  Compliance with the Unit Titles Act 2010.

Benefits to you:

We are current offering amazing discounts to large Body Corporate's. This is a very limited offer.  Contact us today so that you do not miss out. Do this by filling in the form to the right and ticking the Body Corporate box.


We guarantee that we will not repeat one level of poor service that your previous manager committed.  All your previous problems will disappear. If we repeat one of their mistakes we will give you a full months management fee free.  We are so sure we will provide an excellent service for you that we can make this outstanding offer.


Transparency for your accounts. Your Chairperson will be given full access to your funds and will receive monthly reports.
All savings with tradespeople will be passed on to the unit holders and no kickbacks or commissions from the insurance industry or any other supplier will be retained by Ace Body Corporate and Property Management.


All action is prompt. Emails, maintenance issues from the committee will be dealt with rapidly and levies that are late followed up within 48 hours.

We guarantee that as unit holders you can spend more time in the weekends and evenings relaxing and enjoying life when we are your body corporate managers.

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