Ace Body Corporate & Property Management

Ace Body Corporate & Property Management

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 The goal of Ace Body Corporate and Property Management are to provide

1.    The best financial option for your property or building

2.    The quickest response possible

3.    Stress-free service for you.

Property Management:
Having provided an excellent Property Management service in Wellington for several years after many years operating in other towns, the majority of Ace Body Corporate & Property Management business has come through referrals.

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Body Corporate:
When managing apartments Philippa Walsh noticed the poor level of service provided by several body corporate managers and so Ace Property Management changed its name as it looked to take on the body corporate business. Her strengths are not shying away from a challenge, getting good financial results for her clients, thinking outside the square, solving issues, and gathering together advice from experts in their fields.

Philippa has talked to numerous property clients to find out what they wanted and has now endeavoured to focus her business on meeting her client’s needs rather than the industry norm. She wants her clients to relax and enjoy life while she takes care of their properties..

Philippa is passionate about improving the lives of property investors and unit holders in New Zealand by creating a top-class service to support them with a quick responsive service.


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