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Philippa Walsh

To catch a glimpse of Philippa Walsh the Director and founder watch the video on the home page.

Who is she?

Philippa gave up school early on to work and be able to afford to leave her family home and go out on her own. She quickly learnt that if she wanted to get something done she was very much on her own and it was up to her to take action

She has played netball, indoor basketball, and squash with no great success. She was very good at running while at school but her figure testifies to the fact she has done little since, however she endeavours to walk 30-45 minutes every day

She has a long bucket list: from completing the Milford and Routeborne Tracks, to regularly relaxing on a pacific island, travelling the world first class of course (at least in her dreams), and many more...

What has she done so far?

In her mid-twenties she set up Craig Personnel Set in Wellington before being made redundant a few months after purchasing her new home. Most people would have got a secure job but no, Philippa knew she could run the business better and so she set up her own company Walsh Personnel which specialised in the insurance industry and was very successful for nine years. This helped her buy her first home and started her interest in property.

While raising two children on her own she worked part-time in the health industry. At the same time she set up another business providing wheat bags to pharmacy wholesalers and large retail chains like the Body Shop. She could not sew and so employed numerous outworkers who descended on her house weekly. Philippa knows that you can teach yourself almost any skill and experience is never an issue. Attitude is everything.

Always interested in property she decided to go where her interest lay and went and worked for a very large franchised property management company. The ethics as directed by the franchisor of the company were not consistent with Philippa's own and so she decided to purchase her own property management company.

Ace Property Management was born and with a trade clause from her employer she set up business in the five towns in the Wairarapa. It was one of the larger property companies in this region and was sold when she decided t o tackle the Wellington region

Clients who had properties in the Wairarapa still work with her today in the Wellington region and she has been repeatedly asked to go back and work in the Wairarapa as the numerous owners of her old business struggle to provide a high level of service.

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